Dog Treats

At D&D Pet Foods we not only make our own pet food, we also make a great range of dog treats.

dog treats puppy clod bonesMany dogs like to chew and all dogs love treats, so why not give them treats which are made here in Victoria - that's right 100% Australian made! We make our treats right here on the premises, with no nasty chemicals. Because they are made here, you can get be sure that they are fresh, without having to worry about long storage and shipment times or the chemical treatments that can happen to some imported treats

We have a great range of chews and treats, including pigs ears, split pigs trotters, pupply clod bones, pork spare ribs, beef knob bones, bully sticks, pig snouts, smoked pipes, beef lung, pig tails, dried chicken necks, dried beef liver and dried roo tail.

Chewing can be great for dogs. It gives them something to keep them occupied as well as helping to keep their teeth clean.

Try some of our great treats for your best friend.

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